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Forage milk yield – a decisive factor for operating profits

The Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture compared the full cost evaluations of about 1000 Schleswig-Holstein dairy farms in its 2016 Cattle Report. The result: high forage milk yields deliver considerably higher operating results. Farms with a very high forage milk yield of more than 5000 kg ECM/cow achieve an imputed operating profit that is 7 cents higher than on farms with a low forage milk yield of less than 2000 kg ECM/cow. For an average dairy farm in Schleswig-Holstein, this is equivalent to €85,000.

An excellent forage milk yield is the foundation for high milk production. Consequently, the difference between farms achieving very high forage milk yields and those with poorer outcomes is 2249 kg milk per cow and year (see Fig. 1). There are also vast differences in the use of concentrate per kg ECM. Farms with forage milk yields above 5000 kg ECM use only 247 g concentrate and thus substantially less than farms with forage milk yields below 2000 kg ECM, which need 388 g concentrate per kg ECM (see Fig. 2). The average forage milk yield was 3608 kg/cow with an average of 8700 kg ECM/cow.

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