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Bonsilage Forte

Successful silage production at the lower end of the dry matter range

Combination of homofermentative strains with potent inhibitory action against clostridia for the lower end of the DM range (> 18%). The silage additive BONSILAGE FORTE reduces the pH rapidly and reliably and ensures the protein quality.



Liquid and granules
  • special product for wet silages
  • uses the whole carbohydrate spectrum, ensuring reliable, permanent pH-reduction
  • directly suppresses clostridia, therefore avoiding fermentation failures
  • protects against excessive plant protein breakdown
Range of application+
  • Ryegrass 18-30 % DM
  • other grasses 22-30 % DM
  • clover grass 25-30 % DM
  • lucerne 25-35 % DM
  • P. acidilactici
  • L. paracasei
  • Lc. lactis
  • min. 1,25* 1011 lactic acid bacteria/g BONSILAGE FORTE
  • dosage: 2 g BONSILAGE FORTE/t ensiled material
  • 1 can sufficient to treat 50 t
Minimum storage period+

8 weeks

BONSILAGE FORTE inhibits Clostridia.
BONSILAGE FORTE inhibits Clostridia.

Bonsilage Forte

Silage additive (homofermentative) with direct clostridial inhibition in lower DM range

  • specialised product for wet silage
  • utilises the entire carbohydrate range
  • permanent pH-reduction
  • protects the plant protein
  • inhibits Clostridia and prevents faulty fermentation

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