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The following pages contain tips and practical advice regarding BONSILAGE silage additives and silage management.

Product Finder

The Product Finder gives an initial overview of the full BONSILAGE range and shows which individual BONSILAGE silage additive may be right for you and your individual requirements.

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Dosage Calculator

The Dosage Calculator makes it easy for you to calculate the precise dose rate setting for each BONSILAGE product.

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Tips for successful silage

Profitably and successfully operating farms aim to obtain maximised yields from each animal by feeding high quality silages with minimised storage losses. Correct silage management plays an important role in this.

Vulnerabilities in silage management

The following pages support you in analysing vulnerabilities in silage management and help you identify potential causes and solutions.

Frischgrasproben 2022

Die optimale Schnittreife ist mit einem Rohfasergehalt von 23-24 % erreicht. In einigen frühen Regionen ist...

Timing grassland cuts right is essential for good silage quality
Timing grassland cuts

High-quality silage forms the basis for successful, profitable milk production, and timing the first cut right...

This video introduces the product groups BONSILAGE BASIC, SPEED and FIT and showcases practical experiences made by farmers with these products.