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The specialist for a reduced silo ripening period

The special combination of homofermentative and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains ensures intensive fermentation in starch-rich silages during the first few weeks of ensiling. The strain Lactobacillus diolivorans reduces the silo ripening time to two weeks with the lowest losses and highest energy content. The ensiling agent protects against reheating and improves the aerobic stability.

Lactobacillus diolivorans is an entirely new heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria strain selected by SCHAUMANN with a unique metabolism and synergistic effect.

Range of application

Maize silages and whole-crop-silages with 25-45 % DM

Minimum storage period

2 weeks


  • ensures intensive fermentation during the first few weeks in starch-rich silages
  • protects against reheating
  • improves the aerobic stability after just 14 days of silage maturing
  • L. diolivorans: The only EU-approved strain of this type with an innovative, hitherto unknown metabolism
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