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Stability for whole grain maize silage

This specialized silage additive combines homofermentative and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria for the ensiling and storage of whole grain maize in airtight tower silos. BONSILAGE GKS intensifies lactic acid fermentation compared with untreated silage and through production of acetic acid inhibits yeast and mould development, increases aerobic stability, reduces dry matter losses and improves palatability.

Range of application

Whole grain maize silage of up to 70% DM in airtight tower silos

Minimum storage period

For full efficacy a period of at least 3 months must be observed.


  • improves aerobic stability
  • minimises dry matter losses
  • increases palatability
  • ensures an effective conversion of difficult available plant sugar
  • inhibits yeasts and molds
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