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Special additive for lucerne and clover grass silages

Combination of homofermentative and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains for lucerne and clover grass that is difficult to  ensile with a dry matter content of 30-45%. The homofermentative LAB L. paracasei and L. plantarum split fructans and thus lower pH values reliably, rapidly and sustainably. The homofermentative LAB Lc. lactis, which is known to inhibit clostridia directly, reduces the risk of butyric acid fermentation. The heterofermentative L. buchneri ensures that moderate quantities of acetic acid and propanediol are released and thus provides better protection against reheating.

Range of application

Lucerne and clover grass silages between 30-45 % DM

Minimum storage period

8 weeks


  • lowers pH level permanently
  • inhibits Clostridia
  • protects contained protein
  • improves aerobic stability
  • minimises dry matter losses
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